Sunday, 24 July 2011

Walk on.....

So a couple of weeks in and we're now tootling along in walk for a whole 20 minutes at a time (whoohoo) lol!

Now if I'm completely honest I never really enjoyed hacking Bally out last year after I'd backed her, she was generally a little argumentative, a whole lot joggy and exceedingly spooky....not always an exactly relaxing experience (although she had me in stitches on several occasions with her shenanigans)
But now we've started her walk hacking rehab, well..... Baby B has grown up!

Being Bally she still likes to have her opinion heard and that's fine with me, but so far so good - she's attentive, forward, looky, but not flighty, she's walking out calmly and confidently and we're both enjoying it tremendously (well apart from the day the heavens opened and we got absolutely and totally soaked to the skin - we found the backwards and sideways crab style head almost up her backside buttons that day.

Tonight we went up through the woods which involved negotiating a big double five bar gate which has caused no end of problems before, reversing, jumping about etc...but not tonight - it was opened, walked through, and closed and latched both ways without too much fuss. What a good girl!!
That twenty minute walk, just the two of us, totally chilled and pootling along in the lovely late afternoon sunshine was absolutely blissful.

It's been so long (8 months!!!) I'd almost forgotten just how lovely she is to ride.......and I cannot wait to get back to being able to school her again, BD watch out!!


  1. excellent news! still haven't taught monfils about gates....