Saturday, 30 July 2011

Oh that's what's up!

Missy B has been a tad tense and inattentive the last couple of days, even out in her pen she seemed a little bit wired...not horribly but everything from grazing, to walking in and out, hacking and in the stable was accompanied by occasional bouts of head up snorting and her trademark four legged spook / teleport moments lol.

It dawned on me she'd finished her Hilton Herbs Rest & Recover gold last week! Just goes to show that these things do have an effect and a jolly good one at that! I'd decided that as she seemed so much more mature and is now out for 12 hours in her pen and actually doing some ridden work that she didn't need the calmer....hmmmm might rethink that one ;-D

No worries though, she's still her usual lovely cuddly, snuffly self and I'm used to her sensitivity so we'll take it all in our stride. B's looking lovely, still really needs to build muscle, but she's lost that awful skinny tucked up look she had in the horspital thank goodness. Her coat is gleaming and so dappled again....gorgeous!

This evening was a golden one, with a gentle breeze and we marched out down the lane in the sunshine, off down the hill to the start of the canter track (let's not open ourselves to temptation eh!!) turned around and pootled back up the hill. I'm throwing in some schooling whilst we're walking - leg yield from each side of the track right over to the other and now asking for a few steps of shoulder-in proper. I also work on asking her to work over her back to a contact, pushing her forward down and out to a free walk then slowly picking the contact up, all the while keeping a good rhythm and softness

Yep that all works really well until you hear the rumbling of an approaching combine (the yard is slap bang in the middle of a large arable farming operation) and B does a spectacularly good giraffe on crack impression *sigh* lol!!!
To give her her due she actually walked/ snorted / scuttled past within 15 ft of it whilst the farmer stopped but kept the engine running without actually ever feeling like she might take off...quite an achievement for a baby on semi box / pen rest without a mood enhancer I think lol.

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  1. i would think that's pretty good going, to scuttle past a combine with it's engine running. even with the engine off, they're big beasties!