Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bailarina Schooling Nov 2010

Ahem...we are still alive!

Oh dear

I really was bad at keeping the blog up at the end of last year...good intentions and all that!!

For anyone that's interested in an update the following photo's and video are from Bally's last ride in 2010. She' started her last baby holiday in November but a sunny Saturday and chance of a freebie lesson with a photographer and handy videoer in attendance meant she was dragged out of the field for one last ride.

Very pleased with where we got to, lots to work on this year, but I have to say that working with her has been hugely rewarding!

Sad news that as I was looking to bring her back into work this year she has picked up an injury to her left hind leg - not sure what as yet due to a lot of swelling and Bally being a big baby and being ouchy to touch from hock to hoof. We're keeping fingers crossed it's just a knock and with hot / cold therapy, pressure bandaging and restricted movement she'll be right as rain in no time
- I wanna ride her again!!