Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Bun fight at the OK Corral

Horses are such jokers...especially at 6am!!

Got up to the field this morning...10 minutes behind schedule as I'd had a sneaky snooze (oops!)

No sign of the horses...

So I wander up along the fence line calling and rattling my nuts bucket, get suddenly confronted by all five thundering towards me in the dark and we have a mad dash down to the gate of the corral so I can grab the feeds...and shut the gate!

Of course as it's all been going so well I didn't have my headcollars, so there was a bit of a melee as I'm trying to get Bally and Dee in the corral and keep Bonita and the boys out.
Finally mission accomplished and Dee and Bally settle down to their breakfast...or not.

Bally decides Dee's looks better and we then have five minutes of to-ing and fro-ing between buckets with no eating going on until I actually park the damned things right next to each other and they settle down. I get to do my hands on daily check for any overnight lumps or bumps and I'm very pleased to find nothing, both all fine and dandy.

So then B decides she wants to have a wander and explore the corral, so off she trots, tail up...the frosty morning really has her on her toes! D meanwhile continues to stuff her face lol!

I pop in the barn to get B's headcollar so I can curtail her antics and she sticks two hooves up me kicks her heels up in the air and does her amazing passagy show off trot back down to the gate. OK...out you go and I open it.....nah only kidding says B and wheels off back into the corral taking Dee with her this time who thinks this is a great game now.

And of course as my back is turned Bonita and the boys let them selves in the corral too because numpty here left the gate open!!


It's now 6.40am I'm late and I have the whole pack of jokers careering round the corral having a right old ball. It's so cold I'm puffing, wheezing and coughing at the overdose of extremely fresh air as I'm pegging it after them to herd them all back through the gate, pick up the buckets and make sure there's no collisions.

Finally with bucking, farting and snorting a plenty (and that's them not me!) I herd every last one out back into the wild blue yonder and as one they hoon off up the field delighted at giving me plenty of exercise to start the day


Horses don't you just love them LOL!

Monday, 14 December 2009

The Big Move

So we were all set for operation moving yards and it was all a bit of an almighty faff in the end! Nothing is ever simple!!

When we'd been up to see the field and meet P & R a couple of weeks ago they'd shown me the barn (full of crap) pointed out the knackered fencing and gate down in the corral. The field had basically been left to go to rack and ruin which was a shame because it really is wonderful!

Once we'd set the date for all the youngsters to arrive they promised to have the work done....made slightly difficult by the fact they were only moving house & horses to the yard themselves the day laid plans and all that ;-)
So I did B in the morning and left her in, packed up all the feed stuff and bits and bobs going with her and drove it up to the field....only to find fencing still down, barn still full of crap and lane full of cars as there was a football match on at the little ground next door :-o
No answer on Rachel's phone so we dumped everything and drove up to the yard = Poor Paul was just loading the fencing into his van - hugely apologetic, they'd had problem after problem and just hadn't been able to get everything done, but they were on the case.

Drove back down to the yard to find B going mental as all the others in her block had been turned out. Nettie had tried bringing B's neighbour Button back in but she was so upset that didn't work. I got there to see her sweating, shaking and attempting to take chunks out of anyone going past...poor stressed baby!! I went straight in and popped her headcollar on, talked to her and quietly stroked and brushed her...she calmed down straight away....which was a bit of lump in throat moment - she has so much trust in me now and that's really humbling.

I wasn't going to leave her in any longer so as we weren't going to be able to go anywhere for a couple of hours I put her out in her paddock for one last mooch (i.e gallop up and down to make it resemble the Somme just a little bit more :-o )

Finally got the call to say lane was clear, barn done, gates and fencing all fixed and Bonita arriving any minute so we could make our way over.

Gi arrived like the cavalry in Bessie Horsebus and B was brought in and I popped her straight on the box and off we went. I travelled next to her in the living just to keep my eye on her and offer her support. She still hasn't quite got the hang of this balancing lark, but she travelled really well considering we were off down some seriously little winding lanes. I'm so proud of her!

Got to the lane and had to park in a layby to unload, all absolutely fine till someone roared out of the carpark past us just as she was backing off, she slipped and nearly fell then clattered off the back of the box. I felt sick to my stomach - all that patient hard work and it could be ruined in a split second. Thank goodness she didn't hurt herself, she was a little shaky, but calmly walked up the lane to the gate.

In we went and I introduced her to Bonita in the corral, after five minutes of them having a sniff and a squeal as we wondered in awe at what P & R had acheived - barn spotless, all my stuff put away nicely, gate up, fencing done..blimey!!!, we let them out into the big field where they said hello to the other three...not too much argy bargy, but boss mare and Bally exchanged a few warning kicks and B & B went off to graze.
Then Little D arrived with Becky and Steph. I popped on the trailer to unload her and she walked down the ramp cool as a cucumber and I led her into the field. We had a little bit of excited baby jogging, but she halted and backed up when I asked her to. None of the others came over to investigate so we let her off.....

And Boss mare promptly detached herself from the two oldies and flew across the grass straight at Dee :-o Dee hot footed it out the way, then realising her bestest buddy George wasn't off the trailer set up screaming for him...cue George on the trailer yelling back and oh lord!!

Becky had to go to keep George calm and went...One very confused Dee ran around screaming for him as they drove away. Bally and Bonita kept approaching her and trying to stay with her and after five minutes of running to the gate she stopped a couple of times to snatch some grass...phew...another minute and she was happily grazing with them.

We left them to it and took the box back and then I popped back up to check and feed them. Happily the three Musketeers were off grazing a small way away from the Olds and both groups were studiously ignoring each other.

B & D were happy to be caught and led in to the corral where I stood with them whilst I fed them. Then after checking for lumps and bumps and finding none I let them back out to explore their fab new home!

I've been up again this morning and again it worked fine, they were waiting down near the corral, in, feed, scratches, check over and breakfast...done! sign, but a couple of calls and shaking some grass nuts in a bucket got them over - unfortunately as I'm there at 6am and 5 pm in the week it's pitch dark..thank the lord for head torches lol!! Pleased to report that everyone seemed just fine and my girls wolfed their food down, had a little brush and some nice quality time before I let them out.

I'll try and get some piccies this weekend so you can check out their des res ;-)

Phew glad that's all over though!!!

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Well I can finally update my blog and let the cat out of the bag :-)

There have been changes afoot in B's world, first of which has been a winding down of the work - we've had a couple of walks out and done some inhand work just to check we both still had the right idea, but today she officially started her winter holiday...oh and moved...and met my new horse :-o

The holiday is three months off to let her grow into herself, mentally I think she'd have been happy to keep working, but as the next thing to do is back her and she's still not quite there physically as that lovely peachy bum of hers is still considerably higher than her withers, so no pressure on that delicate back for a wee while yet!
My YO had offered me a space at her other farm - an 8 acre field where she keeps her old pair and the two currently broken hunters...but then changed her mind. B couldn't stay where she was as our paddocks are too small and not sheltered so I was on the look out.
Managed to hit the jackpot through a post on the Horse and Hound Forum and was introduced to a couple just taking over my favourite yard in the whole area......oh and they also had a an old meadow....a 20 acre old meadow full of trees and natural hedging, lots of ups and downs and a spring fed watering hole..a barn and stable on site for storage and emergencies and a seperate corral to feed your horse idea of horse heaven!!!! They were looking for a couple of other horses to add to the four already there.

So who's the new horse????????

Well I'm now also looking after a rather lovely little part bred yearling Luso filly Determinada :-)

Dee was bought by my friend and instructor Becky's Mum Steph when Becky brought her Luso boys Ambar and Violino as she felt so desperately sorry for her. She'd been born prematurely out of a purebred mare that the owners hadn't realised was in foal and had been in work until a loss of form prompted a vet visit and a very late pregnancy diagnosis. Dee was born very weak and twisted and not expected to survive... but against the odds she did and showed such a spark and love for life that her name just fitted her perfectly :-) A very special little girl!
She stayed in Portugal until she was deemed strong enough to cope with the journey and arrived in the UK a couple of months ago looking a little the worse for wear bless her.

As Steph got to know me and my love for young Luso girlies she asked if I'd like to take her on. I went, I saw, I fell in love with this super friendly sparky little lass - very elegant, but going through a little bit of a fugly phase...sweet!
I'm not really ready to take the plunge and buy another horse after Safi, but as Steph isn't really looking to sell her and wants only for her to have a great start with someone who likes playing with youngsters..especially girlie Luso ones it was agreed that she'd come and live with me and we'll see where we go in future :-)

So today was the big day, both girls and another yearling Bonita - owned by Claire the fab lady who introduced me to Paul & Rachel the new yard owners made the journey and arrived at Perry Field...........

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about it, I think we've had enough excitement for today lol!!!