Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Onward bound

Well Bally is most definitely happy in her newly adjusted Wow and we have found forwards...actually compared with last year we have found the turbo boost button!

What a revelation, she's marching out nicely and although we technically aren't supposed to add trot for another week and half she offered when we were in the school and I let her take me up the long side...Blummin heck there is power there!!

Her rehab work is coming along well, now up to 30 minutes walking and although the majority of this is hacking, we are still perfecting leg yield (side to side on the lane) flexions -down, side to side shoulder in and counter shoulder in all to help straighten her right banana default mode.

When I took her into the school on Sunday she was super, really working nicely, taking the contact forward and allowing me to alter her frame long and back up without hollowing. She does still have a tendency to lift her head into halt, which is the next thing we'll tackle.
She had me in stitches though, came round the corner on the right rein and as we walked past the gateway she let rip with almighty whoopee buck then without breaking stride carried on walking - hurrah for velcro pants..well the great position the Wow puts me in anyway lol!

Last night she was in full on go, go, go mode and had to be reined in a bit. Marched off before I'd even got my stirrups and then went to trot off up the drive...Nope, too rude! So I turned her and put her back next to the mounting block and made her stand and do flexions for a minute or so, then off we went.
Apart from a blip as we got to the gate "um, no I can't possibly stand that close to it" with a bit of persuasion and a big treat she manoeuvered around it like an old pro and we had a super hack out down the home bridleway through the woods and back.

For all I wish that Bally had not had such an awful year injury wise doing the long in hand and ridden walk rehab work really has brought it home to me how important the basic foundation and gradual strengthening work are, not to mention the benefit of leaving horses to mature before asking serious work questions. The difference in her attitude and power this year is astonishing!
Next scan in two weeks, let's hope for a good one!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wow, Wow, Wow (Kate Bush Style)

Today was saddle fitting day with Louise from FTE, the Wow Headquarters.

I love the concept of the Wow saddle and can't imagine using any other brand now - the flexibility of the Y bar tree, larger bearing surface, double stirrup bars, moveable flaps and total adjustability....what's not to love!

Louise does all Richard Maxwells Wow's and as he's just up the road she was able to pop in on the way back from two days up there, the brilliant news is that she thought the saddle was perfect for Bally - right size and panels, just very low on air and as she's lost condition and muscle through being on box rest and out of work she'd gone down TWO head plate sizes :-(

Bally was much, much happier as we walked down the lane and back, really stretching forward into the contact and tracking up. As usual the air had to be adjusted to suit my daft crooked back and dodgy hip, but she had us swinging along nicely in harmony again.

Really means we can push on with the increasing work in the knowledge Bally is comfortable in her back :-D