Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Velcro anyone?

Went for our daily pootle this evening, Bally on good form, a bit looky as she could see a couple of other liveries out across the fields, but responded well to an ask with my leg to flex then a rein squeeze to soften and come back and pay attention.

We went a little way down the lane then turned around and detoured off to have a walk in the school. I figure that the sooner I get her used to the idea of work in there again, even just straight line walking the better - there's an awful lot you can work on even when you're restricted!!

Lots of shortening and lengthening, leg yield, shoulder in, getting B to stretch forward pick up a contact without resistance...all good basic stuff that'll stand us in good stead when work starts properly. Yay!!

And the velcro...ah yes, we'd only just got into the school when the lovely but rather eccentric local lady Viv who patrols the village with her little dog, popped out of the big conifer hedge at the top end of the school just as we were walking up....cue B's ears up my nose and combined scoot, spin and rear combo whilst travelling backwards at speed....well sat even if I say so myself!!
Bally was quite upset by the whole thing, but didn't take too long before being able to listen and relax back into her work. It was actually quite a good training exercise for getting her out and about at ridden competitions where she'll be exposed to all sorts of sights and sounds and need to be able to re-focus.
Nicely relaxed again we finished with some centre line halts and walked back to the yard on a loose rein, what a good girl!!


  1. what on earth did the woman think she was doing in your yard's arena!

  2. She gets everywhere Claire, a walking neighbourhood watch who wanders around the whole vilage walking her little Border Terrier, keeps an eye on the horses, knows everyone and everything, lovely, but very eccentric!!